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Fruit and vegetable sterilizer



1. Illustration operation:
(1). The ON / OFF button for the LCD-boot; Press again ON / OFF button, the LCD eliminate the shutdown.
(2). During air sterilization and disinfection, there is no need of External trachea and unexploded gas.
(3). As to Water or fruit and vegetables, first put them into the water, then add the tracheal Tableware and blasting stone into the bottom of the water for disinfection.

2. Mainly functions:

(1) Retain freshness: When wash the fish and meat, the Ozone can eliminate the fishy odor. And extend fresh fruit and vegetable storage life in refrigerators and coolers.

(2) Remove pesticides

(3) Kills Bacteria: Dissolves and eliminates pesticide and agrichemicals on the surface of fruits and vegetables and Kills the bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
(4). Air purification

5Tableware washing: Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware
Water treatment: Dissolves the organic impurities and bleaches the water and Increases the oxygen level in the water
Oral hygiene: Kills bacteria in oral cavity and helps to cure some oral cavity diseases such as faucitis and stomatitis

4. Automatic timed working

You may set the start time and off time, and the machine can work on your setting time automatically.

Technology parameter

Power supply: 220V/ 110V

Input power: 18W

O3 output volume: 500mg/h

Operation humidity and temperature:  

+ 5℃~+40 30%RH80%RH

Transportation and storage temperature:

-20℃~+55; 10%RH95%RH  

Operation atmospheric pressure: 86kPa -106kPa

Transport and storage atmospheric pressure: 50kPa-106kPa

Net weight: 0.7KG

Dimension: 18*7*24cm 

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